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About Al Masa

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The Dubai branch of Al Masa Office Supplies was established in 1994 under the same name. A large show room was opened in Khalid Bin El Walid Street- the center of the computer business in Dubai. The branch was one of the most famous computer trading places in the area. It was mainly engaged in assembling PC's, maintenance and sales of Hardware/ Software and accessories for the local market. In addition, the Dubai branch was in link with other customers from other Asian countries like Russia, Iraq and .

By the end of 1997, and due to various reasons, we closed the show room. The Dubai branch has been eliminated to a service office whose activity would be devoted and concentrated to cope with supplying the company with the ever-growing demand of goods and materials both in volume and variety. We have also modified the commercial name and trade license from Al MASA OFFICE SUPPLIES to AFRICAN DIAMOND GENERAL TRADING COMPANY. This change in name and activity results from the fact that we receive different inquiries for other materials and goods that deviate from our line of trade, and in order to win the business and vary the income sources, we decided to make better use of this branch.


Location: Bur Dubai - Al Attar Center, 2nd.fl. Office 116,

               P.O. Box: 13019 Dubai - UAE

               Tel.: +971 4 3968806

               Fax: +971 4 3969584

               TRADE license No.: 509666

              Commercial Record No.: 52263

              Ch. / Commerce Regist. No.: 52763




Supply and re-export of different requirements of materials and goods, either through bank letters of credit or other. The Dubai market is one of the best markets where almost all types of goods are available due to manufacturing and re-export business. The business competition is high and this serves in obtaining the best prices.


Branch Manager: AbdulGhafour Al Gadhi.