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About Al Masa

Al Masa Tripoli

Al Masa Dubi





Al Masa Office Supplies and Electronic Systems is one of the earliest establishers and developers of the field of computer market, electronic systems and office supplies in Libya.

The activity of Al Masa started late 1989 as one of the largest importers of computers, peripherals, and modern electronic equipment in link with office automation.

Al Masa enjoys an outstanding reputation and a highly rated computer company, be it in the private or general sectors. Our company has been granted numerous Certificates of Appreciation and Gratitude. Such an overwhelming regard and reputation has been awarded to our company in terms of supply, service, confidence, and reliability.

We are also considered a major establishment and a leading importer of electronics in Libya. Our customers are all over the country and their number is continuously growing.


In 1994, the Dubai branch was established where a large show room was opened in Khalid Bin El Walid Street- the center of the computer business in Dubai. The branch was as well one of the most famous computer trading places in the area. It was mainly engaged in assembling PC's, maintenance and sales of Hardware/ Software and accessories for the local market. In addition, the Dubai branch was in link with other customers from other Asian countries like Russia, Iraq and .

Now, the Dubai branch has been eliminated to a service office whose activity would be devoted and concentrated to cope with supplying the company with the ever-growing demand of goods and materials both in volume and variety.



* Supply and maintenance of office equipment such as photocopiers, fax machines and the related accessories and spare parts.

* Supply, assembly and maintenance of varieties of computers and printers and their operation materials and requirements.

* Network installation, assembly and maintenance.

* Supply of all types of software: Technical, Educational and entertainment.

* Set up and import of different computer programmes.