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In the maintenance premises, very well qualified engineers with long and vast experience are engaged with computer assembly. Systems are initially imported as parts, then are sold out as complete units with a 6 -12 months guarantee from date of purchase.

The perpetual increase of PC sales stems from the efficiency of our engineers and the quality and reliability of the PC's. For the above reasons, our customers - at different levels - have excellent impression about our company, the staff and products. With such a reputation, we have gained the customer / user's confidence in what we give to him, and so, the base for dealing with Al Masa is becoming larger and larger every day.

Major Maintenance Activity:

1.      Assembly of computers.

2.      Upgrade of old computers to keep pace with the fast growing computer technology.

3.      Installation, upgrading, and maintenance of networks.

4.      Different internet services.

5.      Maintenance of various types of printers.

6.      Repair of PC faults, be it Hardware or Software.

7.      Up keep and supply of numerous software / programmes in relation with the above.

8.      Conduct and follow up of periodical maintenance contracts.